Breach Title Sequence

“Breach” is the story of a secret government project designed to use AI to track and monitor the general public. After Some time the project was showing some promise. Gun violence went down, stopping plans for terrorism before It could happen was a regular occurrence, and street crime came down as a result. These weren't the only effects though. A couple years later it was found that the system was flagging a lot of false reports, from kids playing cowboys and Indians to stopping rival schools football matches, minor offence or even legal activities that might suggest an incident became a high alert event. With the alert levels nearing a martial law level scenario the government thought it would be a good idea to terminate the program. But when they attempted to do so the AI wouldn't allow it stating this was an act of terrorism, this was never programmed in the first place. Was this a system hack from another organization, or is the AI taking the law into it's own hands?