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tentree is on a mission to plant 1 billion trees and promote more sustainable living. One of their biggest projects to reach that goal was Climate+. This was our platform to help customers offset carbon emissions of everyday products and lifestyle choices by planting trees.

We started by brainstorming some ideas on what types of packages we could provide that the majority of people take part in. From there I made thumbnail sketches and gave animation ideas that would be made into gif's so people can share them on social media and show their impact. Once we finalized the package ideas we gave the thumbnail sketches to an illustrator to be vectorized. When I got them back I made the files animation ready and got busy. 


This was my first experience getting into character animation so I leveraged Duik to help me with a lot of the rigging. It was a very cool process and very satisfying once you get a rig working properly. It was also neat to see animation principles come into action.

Check out the entire campaign here.

Thumbnail Sketches
Animation breakdown
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