ECOFilm Campaign


The Campaigns intention is to obtain financing and financial resources to enable ECOFilm to continue support filmmakers and fulfill to raise public awareness of environmental care. ECOFilm aims to create a simple, emotional , and inspiring narrative, where people and companies can collaborate.

This campaign should continue the diversification of ECOFilm, increase the level of commitment of our audience, raise awareness with our existing audience , and, at the same time, reach a new audience.


ECOFilm is a young festival, this provides us with the opportunity to clearly define, position, and introduce our passion for the environmental issues that affect us every day. Our goal is to cultivate a sense of global community, that connects audiences to current environmental consequences.

Concept : Look Through the Eyes of the World

The idea is to highlight the power of film to communicate, connect and inspire action in viewers. We want the viewer to understand the role ECOFilm plays in environmental stewardship. As a platform to showcase and spread environmental films as a way to engage the citizens of the world to take action in regards to the environment. By creating the hashtag #howeyeseeit we want to create a tag that users can use to share how they align themselves with ECOFilm while inviting others to take a stand for the environment as well. 


Vancouver Film School, Digital Design 2016

Client: Ecofilm from Mexico City

Made by Team Beyond

Executive Director: Brandon Kim

Art Director: Brandon Kim

Lead Motion Graphic: Brandon Kim
Lead Asset Artist: Niketan Dewoolka
Motion Graphic: Alejandro Chavarria

Lead Interactive Design: Frank Seager
Interactive Designer: Ariel Farah
Research and Strategy: Henry Griffin
Music: 5alram