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Mixed Reality Dance


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This was a self-developed project by Banff Centre practicum participants and a dancer from the Bow Valley. It utilizes software called LIV to integrate real-world footage into a VR environment. This is done by launching Tilt Brush in 4 different views - a foreground view, background view, a luma matt layer dictated by the position of the headset in relation to the controllers and the camera, and a first-person view (we do not use).


The real-world camera has a third VIVE controller that's been calibrated to match a VR camera to get the same perspective and camera angle. A green screen is used behind the dancer so we can key out the background in post. The 3 game views and camera view are then composited together. Motion blur is added to the VR environment to match the camera motion blur in post.

People Involved:


Frank Seager (Animation Practicum)


Kevin Oliver (Video Practicum)


Morgan Jessiman (Dancer/Choreography)


Chris Bussey (Editing Practicum)


Andrew Chung (Music Score)


Jennifer Chiasson (Video Mentor)


Court Brinsmead (Animation Mentor)


Software used:

Tilt Brush


After Effects

Premier Pro

Making of

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