Mixed Reality Dance Project

This was a self developed project by Banff Centre practicum participants and a dancer from the Bow Valley. It utilizes software called LIV to integrate real-world footage into a VR environment. This is done by launching Tilt Brush in 4 different views - a foreground view, background view, a luma matt layer dictated by the position of the headset in relation to the controllers and the camera, and a first-person view (we do not use).

The real-world camera has a third VIVE controller that's been calibrated to match a VR camera to get the same perspective and camera angle. A green screen is used behind the dancer so we can key it out the background in post. The 3 game views and camera view are then composited together. Motion blur is added to the VR environment to match the camera motion blur in post.

Final edit is still in the process of being worked on. I am excited to see the final result myself and share with you!

People Involved:

  • Frank Seager (Animation Practicum)

  • Kevin Oliver (Video Practicum)

  • Morgan Jessiman (Dancer/Choreography)

  • Chris Bussey (Editing Practicum)

  • Andrew Chung (Music Score)

  • Jennifer Chiasson (Video Mentor)

  • Court Brinsmead (Animation Mentor)

Software used:

  • Tilt Brush

  • LIV VR (https://liv.tv/)

  • After Effects